By now, you likely know that I'm drawn to water. Whether it be fishing and boating in the summer, or skating on the frozen lake during the winter, water is special to me.

I love the idea of a challenge but, sometimes a challenge is simply having an idea. I found my idea in the lakes that I love. I've always been someone that's fascinated in maps and geography but, due to the barrier of water, lakes seem a bit more "out of reach" when it comes to discovery. With that in mind, I had this idea to capture the topography of lakes, and bring that "out of reach" aspect, just a bit closer to us.

The Owasso Woods Lake Series are custom designed topographic maps of the lakes we know and love. Each piece is custom designed to order, whether it be wall art for the home office, or a coffee table for that cabin or lake home of yours.

These pieces are truly one of a kind, and I hope they bring you as much joy as the lake itself.